Centrifugal Feeder Systems



Typical centrifugal feeding systems consist of a “prefeeder,” a “feeder,” and an output device (conveyor, track, chute, etc.). 

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We design a wide range of prefeeders to compliment our Hoppmann Centrifugal feeders.  These prefeeders range in size and style to accommodate virtually any part variation. They are easily integrated with existing or new equipment.

The centrifugal feeders are designed to singulate, orient and qualify parts, and provide maximum product efficiency to downstream operations.  Centrifugal feeders are often referred to as unscramblers, sorters, or rotary bowls, because of the way they work.  The feeder bowl rim is set to rotate at one speed, while at the same time the center disc rotates at a faster speed. This helps the product in the feeder to load onto the rotating rim with ease. As the feeder rim rotates, tooling positioned along the feeder backup ring helps to singulate, qualify, orient, and inspect the product before releasing it.  Often parts are pre qualified in the feeder bowl and once the parts exit the feeder they are reoriented by the use of external tools, for example: c-track, twist track, zig zag track, transfer wheels, etc. When final exit orientation is achieved, the product is released to a downstream conveying or accumulating system.

Typical Feeder System

Shibuya Hoppmann manufactures a full range of feeder sizes, including specialty feeders for unique applications. For bottles or cylindrical parts, our custom scallop feeders are designed and equipped to handle your parts without damage to the product. Auxiliary equipment can be easily integrated to the scallop feeder, like ionizing air systems. Other specialty feeders include our pharmaceutical feeders which are designed to run in clean rooms and/or within an isolator. 

Continuous developments are being made to our Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeder product line. These include improvements such as platform tooling, modular or “no-tool” changeover, and our new heavy duty feeder, which is set to handle small metal parts (screws, nails, etc.) for our expanding automotive market.

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