Feeder Options and Accessories

Standard Products

Feeder Options and Accessories

Please refer to the tables below for specific feeder options and accessories.  If you are interested in purchasing one of the items, or would like to find out more information, please contact our Sales group at sales@shibuyahoppmann.com, or use our LIVE CHAT! button below to speak with a customer service representative now! Your options are waiting!

Lexan Safety Covers for Centrifugal Feeders

Feeder options Lexan Covers
Lexan Safety Covers – Bowl and Hopper Covers
FT-20-RD Lexan Bowl Top Covers CVXXFT20LU
FT-30-RD Lexan Bowl Top Covers CVXXFT30LU
FT-40-RD Lexan Bowl Top Covers CVXXFT40LU
FT-50-RD Lexan Bowl Top Covers CVXXFT50LU
FT-60-RD Lexan Bowl Top Covers CVXXFT60LU
CapStar 4 Cu. Foot Hopper Lexan Covers CVCPST04LU
CapStar 6 Cu. Foot Hopper Lexan Covers CVCPST06LU

Urethane Scallops for the FS Series and FRS Series Centrifugal Feeders

Urethane Feeder Scallop Segments

Scallop Segments for FS Series feeders and FRS Series feeders. Please contact our Spares Group (Spares@ShibuyaHoppmann.com) for specific, customized scallops for your feeder system. Our scallops are made to fit your customized system and are manufactured by Shibuya Hoppmann upon order.

FS-30 Centrifugal Scallop Feeder
FS-30 (36) Scallop & Segment Plates FS30SCAL36
FS-30 (48) Scallop & Segment Plates FS30SCAL48
FS-30 (54) Scallop & Segment Plates FS30SCAL54
FS-30 (60) Scallop & Segment Plates FS30SCAL60
FS-30 (72) Scallop & Segment Plates FS30SCAL72
FS-40 Centrifugal Scallop Feeder
FS-40 (36) Scallop & Segment Plates FS40SCAL36
FS-40 (48) Scallop & Segment Plates FS40SCAL48
FS-40 (54) Scallop & Segment Plates FS40SCAL54
FS-40 (60) Scallop & Segment Plates FS40SCAL60
FS-40 (72) Scallop & Segment Plates FS40SCAL72
FS-50 Centrifugal Scallop Feeder
FS-50 (36) Scallop & Segment Plates FS50SCAL36
FS-50 (48) Scallop & Segment Plates FS50SCAL48
FS-50 (54) Scallop & Segment Plates FS50SCAL54
FS-50 (60) Scallop & Segment Plates FS50SCAL60
FS-50 (72) Scallop & Segment Plates FS50SCAL72
FS-60 Centrifugal Scallop Feeder
FS-60 (36) Scallop & Segment Plates FS60SCAL36
FS-60 (48) Scallop & Segment Plates FS60SCAL48
FS-60 (54) Scallop & Segment Plates FS60SCAL54
FS-60 (60) Scallop & Segment Plates FS60SCAL60
FS-60 (72) Scallop & Segment Plates FS60SCAL72
Segment Plates – FS-40, FS-50 and FRS-60
FS-40 Segment Plates URTHCAST10
FS-40 Individual Scallops URTHCAST70
FS-50 Segment Plates URTHCAST17
FS-50 Individual Scallops URTHCAST82
FRS-60 Individual Scallops URTHCAST64

Air Ramps for the FR-20 and FR-30 Centrifugal Feeders

Feeder Options Air Ramps
Air Ramps for FR Style Feeders
FR-20 Air Ramp – Clockwise ARCWFR20SU
FR-20 Air Ramp – Counterclockwise ARCCFR20SU
FR-30 Air Ramp – Clockwise ARCWFR30SU
FR-30 Air Ramp – Counterclockwise ARCCFR30SU

*The FR-20/30 Feeders were retired in 2018.
For more information on this product, please contact your Regional Sales representative.