Assembly & Placement Systems

Beverage / Dairy / Nutrition / Food

Putting things together since 1955!

Shibuya Hoppmann creatively designs and engineers continuous motion assembly systems for the packaging industry. Each system is custom-made to meet your unique requirements. Many of our customized solutions have contributed to our customers’ ability to introduce new products more quickly to the market. We are here to help maximize machine efficiency while minimizing manufacturing costs!

A collection of products.

High Speed Product Handling

  • Up to 1,200ppm (bottles, caps, scoops, etc.)
  • Food grade feeders with FDA approved ABS disc
A collection of chocolate milk being capped by a machine.
A line of orange plastic tops being processed.


  • One feeder – multiple parts (up to 25 different parts in one feeder)
  • 50ml – 1 gal bottles, 20mm-40mm caps
  • Capable of handling fresh or frozen foods
A collection of plastic products.
Two cereal cups in machine being processed.


  • 98% mechanical efficiency
  • Quick, tool-less changeover
  • Washdown
A collection of noodles in bags being processed.

A sample list of the products we have handled: