Dantotsu Technology

What is Dantotsu Technology?

Dantotsu is Japanese for “unique and unrivaled” and “the best of the best”. Dantotsu is the essence of Shibuya: The motivation to buy any of our products stems from the value our products offer. Our goal is to offer you the best of the best in quality, technology, environmental value and economic results through our Dantotsu technology.

Shibuya places emphasis on innovative technological development to stay at the forefront of the evolving global market. With this innovation comes Dantotsu products, such as our Aseptic Electron Beam Filling System: We are the only manufacturer in the world to have such systems in production.

Additionally, Shibuya’s Regenerative Medicine systems, such as our Bio 3D Printer and Cell Processing Isolators, have gained worldwide recognition. We are constantly improving our Dantotsu products, allowing us to help increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs.

Shibuya is globally known for its superior product line. We are in the continuous process of measuring products, services, and practices against our toughest competitors. We strive to be the best of the best – for you, our customer.