Prefeeders and Hoppers

Standard Products

Our line of Prefeeders and Hoppers

Shibuya Hoppmann has been building, designing and improving upon a variety of prefeeders and hoppers for years, and we have a wide selection that meets your part specific requirements.

Our most popular models, the EP-series elevating prefeeders, handle small, medium and large parts, and deliver product at belt speeds between 23 and 35 feet per minute. The elevating prefeeders use cleated belts at varying pitches and heights to bring product from the floor level up into the feeding application.

The innovative horizontal discharge, elevating prefeeder, the EH-08, was designed using a modular, plastic, cleated chain to vertically and horizontally transport parts. The EH style prefeeder’s multidimensional discharge is closer to the feeder bowl, eliminating the potential for scraping or scuffing parts, and is able to reach over existing equipment via the horizontal discharge chute.

We have created two overhead prefeeders that utilize a live bottom belt system, the LB-01 and the LB-03/06. These prefeeders are designed to handle small to medium sized parts, and are engineered to directly interface with small style parts feeders.

Our specialty prefeeders were designed with the user in mind, and manage a range of difficult to handle parts and/or large parts or large quantities.