Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeders

Standard Products

The Original Centrifugal Bowl Feeder

A Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeder is designed to run effortlessly to meet the lowest, to highest, parts per minute rate demands. These centrifugal bowl feeders and unscramblers are the most versatile – using simple, yet consistent designs, rugged durability, flexible technology, and our years of experience.

Shibuya Hoppmann offers different styles of orienters and unscramblers for different requirements. The FT-Series efficiently handles small, medium and large parts at high speeds; the FS-Series incorporates a unique urethane scallop rim design to orient/singulate bottles, vials, tubes, barrels, and other cylindrical shapes;   the FRS-Series uses interior elevators to gently lift large or bulky parts onto a scalloped rim for easy orientation, and the FT-15-AC is autoclavable and designed for small, fragile and precise parts that need to be unscrambled or oriented in a sterile, pharmaceutical environment.

Choose dependability and build a lasting relationship with the Original centrifugal bowl feeder Manufacturer:  Hoppmann.