Who We Are

We strive to be your preferred packaging machinery manufacturer, no matter how challenging and unique your parts are – we can handle it.

Who is Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation?

Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation, founded in 1955 as Hoppmann Corporation, is a group member of the Shibuya Corporation. Shibuya Corporation (6340:Tokyo) headquartered in Kanazawa, Japan, acquired Hoppmann Corporation in July, 2005. This collaboration resulted in Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation – merging Hoppmann’s distinct brand and solid history in the automated packaging industry (manufacturing centrifugal feeding systems, assembly and placement systems and labelers) with Shibuya’s vast expertise in filling and capping for aseptic and non-aseptic environments, packaging systems, regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical systems, isolators and decontamination systems. We provide you, our customer, with unmatched technology, quality, innovation, customer service and unrivaled experience for your automated requirements.

We have three strategic facilities in the United States that allow us to maximize our support in North America: Manassas, VA (Headquarters), Madison Heights, VA (Engineering and Manufacturing), and Indianapolis, IN (Sales). We have sales representatives in the following cities: Chicago, Indianapolis, Manassas, Philadelphia and Phoenix, and have a partnership with FDA consultants Akers, Kennedy & Associates, in Kansas City.

With our talented and knowledgeable associates (many of whom have over 20 years experience in the industry) and by bringing you our state-of-the-art equipment, we provide design and development services to help you execute your projects and achieve your objectives.

Inspiration and innovation is what our engineers do best. They are constantly evolving their design processes and our product line so we can be the best fit for your unique need – helping to minimize downtime, deliver higher overall equipment effectiveness, lower the total cost of ownership and maximize efficiency. We recognize your needs and use original, resourceful ideas with world-leading technology to solve them.


  • Positive Experience.
    We strive to create a positive experience with consistent, dependable project management and transparency.


  • Innovation and Customization.
    Every customer is different and has different needs. We focus on bringing you innovative ideas, solutions and technology so you can bring your product to the market faster.


  • Dependability and Longevity.
    Consistently deliver reliable, enduring, well built custom and standard products.


  • Unrivaled Customer Service.
    Whether it’s replacement parts or emergency service, we have you covered with our experienced team.