FT-Series Centrifugal Feeders

Standard Products

Hoppmann Feeders: FT- Series

We’ve been building centrifugal feeders since 1955!  Hoppmann FT Series centrifugal feeders are designed to feed a variety of products – small, medium or large – with its unique bowl design. Product is metered into the bowl and brought out to the bowl’s rim where a series of qualifiers gently orient the part for transfer to various downstream devices.

Our FT Series feeders provide higher rates per minute (RPM’s) to increase the linear speed of the product for high-speed applications such as continuous motion assembly and part placement processes. The drive designs of the inner disc drive and outer bowl allow for independent speed control of both components, electronically or mechanically. The cast aluminum bowl can be machined to accommodate different part profiles, increasing the range of products the bowl can be equipped to run. Standard and custom upgrades are available, which provide a versatile tooling platform for many of your application needs.