Assembly Turret Troubleshooting

Field Service
Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Turret heads are dropping product Tooling modules not operating properly Check air to vacuum pickup modules; check vacuum pressure to all modules.
Check gripper springs on gripper modules; ensure all gripper modules open an close as designed.
Check for any jammed product stuck in the module head; clear product from module.
Part present sensors not operating properly Check part present sensor operations throughout the turret infeed locations; clean to clear any debris for sensors
E-Stop was pressed; power and air went off unexpectedly Clear issue with e-stop, clear fallen product from turret, close all safety doors and reset the system.
Turret rejects good product Height inspection sensor tolerance not set properly Check height inspection tolerance setting for proper height.
Bump cam air set too low Check air setting to the bump cam for assembly turrets to ensure proper amount of torque is provided for assembly operation.
Turret won’t start Check HMI for specific operation and startup procedures Connect power and air to the system; consult HMI for operational startup.
Check safety doors are shut properly Close doors, clear any faults from HMI and continue operation steps.