FS Series Centrifugal Feeders

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Our FS-Series Scallop Feeders

The Shibuya Hoppmann FS series scallop feeders are designed to feed and orient bottles, vials, and other cylindrical parts with the use of different scalloped rim designs. Parts are radially oriented and gently qualified in the scallop pockets by sweeps, wipers, pneumatic and/or electronic devices, depending on the part specific characteristics. Oriented parts are discharged and accumulated on downstream devices.

This series of centrifugal scallop feeder is primarily used for orienting containers for downstream operations such as filling applications for beverages, condiments, cleaners, and other personal health care products. The scallops are designed specifically for each product – to capture and retain the specific orientation required. The wide range of feeder sizes, from 20″ inner diameter, to the brand new, large, FS-70 (70″ inner diameter) allows for many variations and combinations of tooling techniques, as well as easy to customize application needs. These feeders are great for products like deodorant barrels, tubes and vials, plastic canisters, lip balm, distillery bottles of various shapes and sizes, and so much more!