ET-02 Table Top Prefeeder

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 ET-02 Table Top Prefeeder

Product Overview

The Shibuya Hoppmann ET-02 Table Top Elevating Prefeeder is designed to handle a variety of small sized, light weight parts with both an adjustable base and head chute to accommodate small product loading and delivery variances. The concept is based on the standard sized elevating prefeeders but has a more compact footprint and can be mounted on top of an existing support table.

ET-02 Table Top Prefeeder
Part Number ET0206XASA
Motor Style AC
Motor Voltage 220/380V
Horsepower 1/5hp
Total Equipment Weight 185lbs. / 83.9kg
Hopper Capacity (ET-02/03/04)

2–3–4 cu.ft.

56–85–113 liters

  • Standard Features
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Belt (6″ width belt, 4″ pitch with 1.5″ cleat) FDA/USDA approved white             1-ply solid woven polyester fabric with 1/16″ thick white PVC coating and       PVC cleats
  • Hopper clean out door
  • Available Options
  • 18”, 24”, 36” and 54” elevator extensions available
  • Safety cover package
  • Elevator extensions available in 12″ increments
  • Hopper extensions available
  • Optional belt styles and widths – Standard cleat for 85˚ tilt, blue sanitary       belt, super cleat belt
Specifications and Dimensions of ET-02


Product Specifications ANSI Metric
A Overall Width 24.03″ 610.3 mm
B Overall Length 39.77″ 1010.2 mm
C Lower Footprint 32.90″ 835.7 mm
D Discharge Height 25.13″ 638.3 mm
E Hopper Load Height* (ET-02) 26.23″ 667 mm
E Hopper Load Height* (ET-03) 28.80″ 731.5 mm
E Hopper Load Height* (ET-04) 32.00″ 812.8mm
F Belt Width 6.00″ 152.4 mm
G Overall Height 40.43″ 1026.9 mm

*Note: Heights are measured from the top of the support table to the top of the hopper.

Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation strives to improve its products and reserves the right to change or discontinue specifications and designs shown in this information sheet without notice and without incurring obligation. Revised: 11/14/23.