E-Beam Technology

Shibuya Kogyo has developed the world's first E-Beam Aseptic Filling System. Shibuya has delivered over 110 conventional aseptic filling lines worldwide and is the supplier of over 80% of the aseptic filling lines in Japan. Shibuya's knowledge and expertise in aseptic filling has led to the development of the E-Beam Aseptic Filling System. The E-Beam system eliminates the concern of chemical residual on PET bottles, as found using alternative H2O2 or PAA sterilization methods; and also provides a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative for sterilization, while maintaining a small footprint.

The Shibuya Kogyo E-Beam Sterilization system is designed to eliminate microorganisms on all surfaces of PET bottles through irradiation with a beam of high-energy electrons. The injection of accelerated electrons onto the PET bottles has provided highly reliable and effective sterilization results. Using an electron beam as a sterilization tool, the E-Beam Aseptic Filling system enables Shibuya to help move towards environmental sustainability by using less space, eliminating the use of water and making efficient use of required power. This E-Beam Sterilization system, along with the proven quality of the Shibuya Aseptic Filling and Capping systems, makes the Shibuya Kogyo E-Beam Aseptic Filling System an integrated one-stop solution to your filling needs.

Advantages over conventional sterilization methods:

  • Water not required for sterilization
  • Reduction of running costs
  • Smaller footprint
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions


  • High filling accuracy using net weight method
  • Simplified fluid path for efficient cleaning and sterilization
  • Individually controlled servo motors providing reliable capping

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