Sport-Cap Three Piece Assembly System


Continuous Motion

Shibuya Hoppmann has been creatively designing and engineering continuous motion assembly systems since 1977!  Each system is custom-made to meet your unique requirements. Many of our customized solutions have contributed to our customers' ability to introduce new products more quickly to the market. We are here to help maximize machine efficiency while minimizing manufacturing costs!

Benefits of a Continous Motion Assembly System:

  • Incredible accuracy
  • Continuous product control
  • Higher rates than manual assembly

Optional features of our CMA Systems:

  • Servo motors and torquing heads for screwing, twisting or torquing parts together
  • Inspection stations (sensors, cameras, inhibit cylinders, etc.)
  • HMI/touchscreen control panel
  • Multiple operational functions (screw up, tamp down, snap together, etc.)


Spout Infeed transfer wheel Spout to base subassembly turret

3 piece sports cap assembly 2 piece candy to canister assembly system

2 piece cap to spout assembly system 2 piece valve to can assembly system

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