Multiple part sizes don’t have to mean multiple feeder systems.


This was a concern of one of our customers who had five different sizes and shapes of shampoo caps. They needed to be fed at a rate of 250 – 300 parts per minute.

SOLUTION: The dual drive Hoppmann™ FT-50 centrifugal feeders and a cap delivery conveyor with easy changeover turrets for the variety of caps. This saved the customer from purchasing five centrifugal feeder systems!

An elevating prefeeder, loaded with parts, uses a carrier belt to deposit caps onto a cap delivery conveyor. The cap delivery conveyor will transport the caps and deliver them to a drop chute down into the reservoir of the downstream feeder bowl. A bowl level sensor, mounted above the feeder bowl, helps to meter an accurate number of caps from the prefeeder onto the conveyor and into the feeder.

The dual motor feeder is designed to provide maximum product efficiency. The feeder bowl is set to one speed while the feeder disc is set to a faster speed, allowing caps to load along the rim of the bowl with ease. As the feeder bowl rotates, caps in the bowl randomly load onto the rim for singulation and orientation. Height qualifiers positioned along the backup ring help to ensure a single stream of product continues to the downstream air jet qualification. Air jets positioned along the feeder backup ring qualify the caps in a cavity up orientation. Improperly oriented caps are deflected by tooling off the rim and back into the reservoir area of the feeder bowl for re-circulation. Parts that have the correct orientation continue along the feeder rim to the exit of the feeder and to downstream customer operations.

Red Cap Feeder System     Purple Cap Feeder