Shibuya Hoppmann’s FTS-50 Sanitary Grade Centrifugal Feeder Receives NSF Certification


FTS-50 Sanitary Centrifugal FeederAugust 12, 2019, Manassas, VA – SHIBUYA HOPPMANN CORPORATION, a group member of the Shibuya Corporation and an industry-leading manufacturer of customized bottle filling systems and automation machinery, acquired NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification for our new FTS-50 Sanitary Grade Centrifugal Food Unscrambler.

Receiving the NSF mark gives assurance that our product has been tested by one of the most esteemed certification organizations in existence today. The FTS-50 Feeder is uniquely designed for the fresh and frozen food industry. Food products needing hygienic unscrambling and sorting such as frozen or fresh bread, cookies, sausages, bagels, cheese sticks, egg rolls, meat patties, and hot dogs are perfectly suited for this feeder. The custom design can feed and orient food products at speeds up to 500 parts per minute. This helps to increase the linear speed of the food product for high-speed downstream applications such as continuous motion assembly and part placement processes. A slotted frame allows for quick and easy wash-down cleaning. The stainless steel construction is pickled and passivated, giving you the sanitary production you require for your food handling needs.

More highlights of the FTS-50 Sanitary Grade Feeder include:
• Continuous welded seams
• Minimized horizontal surfaces (frame)
• Platform mounted tooling
• No-tool changeover
• 316L stainless steel center disc & bowl

Download full press release here.