August 13, 2015
Ko-58 Mamedahon-machi
Kanazawa, Japan
Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Business Expansion

Cell Culture and Processing Service in Regenerative Medicine

Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd. (“Shibuya”) is proud to announce the expansion of its Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Systems Division.  This expansion is focused on the establishment of the Cell Culture and Processing Department at Shibuya’s Regenerative Medicine facility in Kanazawa Technology Park located in Morimoto, near Shibuya’s headquarters in Kanazawa City.

Shibuya has manufactured and installed a variety of aseptic systems and equipment for hospitals and universities which include, cell culture isolators, robotic cell culture isolators, and 3D bio printers. The ability of these systems to undergo very high level disinfection and to operate without direct human intervention allows Shibuya to achieve unprecedented control over cell processing and culture with respect to both product quality and safety.  Through our numerous collaborations in research and development with universities and hospitals, Shibuya has accumulated a profound understanding of cell processing and culture allowing us to combine this acquired knowledge with our core state-of-the-art aseptic technology and decontamination/ sterilization know-how.  Universities and private researchers as well as medical specialists call upon Shibuya to provide cell culture and processing services in our facility while at the same time continuing the supply of the safest aseptic cell production systems and equipment for research, clinical studies and ultimately, routine patient treatment.

Research, clinical studies, and therapy based on regenerative medicine require large scale cultivation of iPS cells and other stem cells while providing uniform high quality, superb sterility assurance and rigorous safety standards.  Additionally, the application of the high state of control afforded by Shibuya’s technology results in extreme reliability, low product losses and as a result, a reduction in the overall costs associated with cell cultivation.

Recognizing the increasing demand for extremely safe, high quality cell processing and large-scale cell cultivation, Shibuya will provide cell culture and processing services to hospitals, universities and research institutions to support their research and development in regenerative medicine.  By utilizing Shibuya’s services and advanced cell processing systems, those universities and hospitals will be able to conduct research and development without the need to develop their own cell processing center. This allows them to move forward into safe clinical studies and therapeutic use with their products without the need for the large capital expenditures required to build and equip their own facility.

This new business unit for cell culture and processing services will be conducted at our state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine Factory in Kanazawa Technology Park in Moriomoto.


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