Labeling Systems

Beverage / Dairy / Nutrition / Food

Labeling your beverage, dairy, nutritional and food products

Shibuya Hoppmann designs and manufacturers custom labelers and labeling systems for a variety of needs – from harsh environment applications to full color print & apply applicators, shrink wrap labelers, hot melt and rotary systems. We can integrate our labelers with container unscrambling and orienting systems, part placement and assembly systems, individual work stations or into completely automated systems.
A collection of plastics products.

High Speed / High Productivity

  • Up to 900bpm for shrink wrap, hot melt or heat sensitive labeling on beverage bottles
  • Up to 300ppm on food products
A machine getting bottles ready for shrink wrap.
A diagram how a shrink wrap machine operates.


  • Film as think as 20 microns
  • Multiple stations for multiple label placement (front, back and shoulder)
A green bottle getting ready for a label and shrink wrap.
A machine designed for shrink wrapping objects.


  • 100% inspection
  • Bottle orientation with special label placement available
A machine with a label ready for a bottle.
A group of bottles in machine getting ready for processing.

A sample list of the products we have handled: