FTS-50 Sanitary Food Feeder & WBS-30 Sanitary Bulk Conveyor


Sanitary Food Centrifugal Feeder and Conveyor

  • Speeds up to 500ppm
  • Handles fresh and frozen food parts
  • Stainless steel construction (passivated & pickled)

The FTS-50 Sanitary Food Feeder and WBS-30 Sanitary Bulk Conveyor are uniquely designed for the fresh and frozen food industry. Both custom designs combined can pre-feed, feed, and orient your food products at speeds up to 500 parts per minute. A slotted frame allows for quick and easy wash-down cleaning. The pickled and passivated stainless steel construction gives you the sanitary production you require for your food handling needs.


WBS-30 Sanitary Bulk Conveyor Features:
  1. Blue super duty belt with ultrasonic welded joint lace
  2. Drive train utlizing AC powered roller drives
  3. Slotted frame for easy belt cleaning


FTS-50 Sanitary Centrifugal Feeder Features:
  1. Continuous welded seams
  2. No-tool changeover
  3. Washdown and stainless AC dual drives
  4. NSF® Certified


Sanitary Food Centrifugal Feeder and Conveyor



Download Tech Sheet here:

FTS-50 & WBS-30 Technical Data Sheet