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WB-06 Fragile Parts Prefeeder

Product Overview

Shibuya Hoppmann’s WB-06 prefeeder is specially designed to handle small to medium sized fragile parts. Two independent variable speed drives and a standard level sensor ensures gentle product metering.  Product drops from the upper belt to the lower belt where it is pulled away at a faster rate to assist in part separation and de-tangling. So if your parts nest or tangle, this is the prefeeder for you! Note:  Controllers and mechanical level sensors are not supplied with the WB-06 unit and may be purchased separately.

WB-06 Fragile Parts Prefeeder
Part Number WB06XXXASA
Motor Style AC
Motor Voltage 220/380V
Upper Belt Horsepower 1/2hp
Lower Belt Horsepower 1/4hp
Total Equipment Weight 650lbs. / 295kg
Supply Hoper Capacity 6 cu. ft. / 170 liters
  • Standard Features
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable feed angle
  • Sensor controlled dual belt metering system
  • FDA/USDA approved white buna-n/polyester poly flake endless belting (upper belt)
  • Durable reinforced black neoprene belt with fiberglass cord (lower belt)
  • Available Options
  • Continuous welded hopper seams
  • Washdown motor(s)
  • Hopper covers
  • Casters
  • NEMA 1 encased controller
WB-06 Fragile Parts Specification
Product Specifications ANSI Metric
A Overall Width 51.00″ 1295 mm
B Overall Length 72.00″ 1829 mm
C Discharge Height (Adjustable) 48.00″ ± 10.0″ 1219 ± 254 mm
D Load Height (Adjustable) 74.00″ ± 10.0″ 1880 ± 254 mm
  Angle of Feed 0˚ – 11˚ 0˚ – 11˚
Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation strives to improve its products and reserves the right to change or discontinue specifications and designs shown in this information sheet without notice and without incurring obligation. Revised: 05/18.

WB-06-Technical Data Sheet