Prefeeder Options and Accessories

Standard Products

Prefeeder Options and Accessories

Please refer to the tables below for specific prefeeder accessories and options.  All prefeeder accessories/options are shipped unassembled. If assembly of the part(s) is/are required or desired, the price per option is $150.00.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the items, or would like to find out more information, please contact our Sales group at, or use our LIVE CHAT! button below to speak with a customer service representative now! Your options are waiting!

Hopper Extensions for LB, EP and EH Prefeeders

EP-Prefeeder Accessories
Hopper Extensions
LB-03 (6) Cu.Ft. Extension HX03LB03SU
EP-04 (6) Cu.Ft. Extension HX06EP04SU
EP-08 (15) Cu.Ft. Extension HX15EP08SU
EP-08 (25) Cu.Ft. Extension HX25EP08SU
EP-35 (50) Cu.Ft. Extension HX50EP35SU
EH-08 (15) Cu.Ft. Extension HX15EP08SU
EH-08 (25) Cu.Ft. Extension HX25EP08SU

Prefeeder Elevator Extension Kits

Elevator Extensions
EP-04 18” Elevator Extension* EX18EP04SU
EP-04 24” Elevator Extension* EX24EP04SU
EP-04 36” Elevator Extension* EX36EP04SU
EP-04 54” Elevator Extension* EX18EP04SU
EP-08 18” Elevator Extension** EX18EP08SU
EP-08 36” Elevator Extension** EX36EP08SU
EP-08 54” Elevator Extension** EX54EP08SU
EH-08 12” Elevator Extension* EX12EH08SU
EH-08 24” Elevator Extension* EX24EH08SU
EH-08 36” Elevator Extension* EX36EH08SU
EP-35 18” Elevator Extension** EX18EP35SU
EP-35 36” Elevator Extension** EX36EP35SU
EP-35 54” Elevator Extension** EX54EP35SU
WEP-40/80/120 24” Elevator Extension*** EX24WE80SU

*It is strongly recommended that the frame of the prefeeder be reinforced and/or additionally supported for elevator extensions of 36” or greater.
**It is strongly recommended that the frame of the prefeeder be reinforced and/or additionally supported for elevator extensions of 54” or greater.
***It is strongly recommended that the frame of the prefeeder be reinforced and/or additionally supported for elevator extensions of 72” or greater.

EP Series Prefeeder Belt Replacements

EP Replacement Belts
EP Series Prefeeders
Description Belt Length Part Number
EP-04/06 Standard Belt 126″ BELTEP4126
     Standard + 18” Extension 162″ BELTEP4162
     Standard + 24” Extension 174″ BELTEP4174
     Standard + 36” Extension 198” BELTEP4198
     Standard + 54” Extension 234” BELTEP4234
EP-08/15/25 Standard Belt 144″ BELTEP8144
     Standard + 18” Extension 180″ BELTEP8180
     Standard + 36” Extension 216″ BELTEP8216
     Standard + 54” Extension 252” BELTEP8252
EP-10/20/30 Standard Belt 144″ BELTEP10144
     Standard + 18” Extension 180″ BELTEP10180
     Standard + 36” Extension 216″ BELTEP10216
     Standard + 54” Extension 252” BELTEP10252
EP-35/50 Standard Belt 168″ BELTEP35168
     Standard + 18” Extension 204″ BELTEP35204
     Standard + 36” Extension 240″ BELTEP35240
    Standard + 54” Extension 276” BELTEP35276

Additional prefeeder accessories including belt extension pieces can be ordered. Please contact for more information.

EH Series Modular Chain Replacements

EH Replacement Chain
EH Series Prefeeders
Description Chain Length Part Number
EH-08 Standard Modular Chain 180″ CHEH08A180
     Standard + 18” Extension 216″ CHEH08A216
     Standard + 36” Extension 252″ CHEH08A252
     Standard + 54” Extension 288” CHEH08A288
EH-35 Standard Modular Chain 240″ CHEH35A240
     Standard + 18” Extension 276″ CHEH35A276
     Standard + 36” Extension 312″ CHEH35A312
     Standard + 54” Extension 348” CHEH35A348

LB Series Prefeeder Belt Replacements

Overhead Belt Replacement – LB Series Prefeeders
LB-01 Overhead Prefeeder
     LB-01 Standard Belt Replacement BELT200L50
     LB-01 Food Grade Belt BELT200F50
LB-03/06 Overhead Prefeeder
     LB-03/06 Standard Belt Replacement BELT352L99
     LB-03/06 Food Grade Belt BELT352F99

Lexan Elevator Covers

Lexan Covers for Elevating Prefeeders
EP-04 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP04LU
     EP-04 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0418
     EP-04 w/24″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0424
     EP-04 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0436
     EP-04 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0454
EP-06 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP06LU
     EP-06 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0618
     EP-06 w/24″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0624
     EP-06 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0636
     EP-06 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0654
EP-08 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP08LU
     EP-08 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0818
     EP-08 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0836
     EP-08 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP0854
EP-15 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP15LU
     EP-15 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP1518
     EP-15 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP1536
     EP-15 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP1554
EP-25 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP25LU
     EP-25 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP2518
     EP-25 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP2536
     EP-25 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP2554
EP-35 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP35LU
     EP-35 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP3518
     EP-35 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP3536
     EP-35 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP3554
EP-50 Elevator Cover Kit CVELEP50LU
     EP-50 w/18″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP5018
     EP-50 w/36″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP5036
     EP-50 w/54″ Extension Cover Kit CVELEP5054
WEP-40 Elevator Cover Kit CVELWE40LU
     WEP-40 w/24″ Extension Cover Kit CVELWE4024
WEP-80 Elevator Cover Kit CVELWE80LU
    WEP-40 w/24″ Extension Cover Kit CVELWE8024
WEP-120 Elevator Cover Kit CVELWE12LU

Lexan Hopper Cover Kits for EP and WEP Series Prefeeders

Hopper Cover For Prefeeders
Lexan Hopper Cover Kits
EP-04/06 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPEP04GS
EP-08 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPEP08GS
EP-15 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPEP15GS
EP-25 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPEP25GS
EP-35 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPEP35GS
EP-50 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPEP50GS
WEP-40 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPWE40GS
WEP-80 Lexan Hopper Cover Kit CVHPWE80GS

Other Prefeeder Accessories

Agitator and Casters
Prefeeder Accessories
All Prefeeder Casters CASTERKIT02
EP-08/15/25 & EH-08/15/25 Agitator AGITATOREP08
EP-35/50 Hopper Agitator AGITATOREP35
NEMA 1 Encased Controller with time delay and mechanical style limit switch/paddle arm CU120000LS
NEMA 1 Encased Controller with time delay and non-contact photo-electric limit switch CU12000000