Labelers and Label Applicators

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Labelers and Label Applicators

Shibuya Hoppmann has designed and built custom labelers and label applicators for a variety of needs: from harsh environment applications to full color print and apply. We can integrate container unscrambling and labeling systems, part feeding systems, case handling systems and individual workstations or even completely automated systems.

The Pressure Sensitive label heads are available in both high-speed system configuration or as stand-alone heads. With label speed capabilities ranging from 1,850 to 3,543 inches per minute, these robust units are suitable for almost any application. Stand-alone systems are available with tamp-on, blow-on or tamp-blow application accessories.

The Print & Apply label applicators are modular in design and created so that they can be used in almost any application where a print and apply pressure sensitive label is required. A variety of printer options and assortment of interchangeable application modules are available. Systems can handle media widths up to 7 inches, at print speeds up to 12 inches per second. Software for all available modules lies resident in the base unit, allowing existing systems to be easily re-configured or upgraded without programming changes.

There are other labeling systems, from rotary stand alone units to inline labelers. Our systems can be fully configured and are designed with the needs of the contract packager and the demanding end-user in mind.