FT-Series Centrifugal Feeders

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FT-70-RD Bowl Feeder

Product Overview

Shibuya Hoppmann’s brand new FT-70-RD bowl feeder with rigid disc, uses centrifugal feeding to orient and singulate small, medium or large parts at high rates with its unique design and robust construction, and is one of the largest centrifugal feeders available on the market today. The 12” bowl depth allows for much larger parts handling than previously fed by similar feeder bowls. Product is metered into the bowl and brought out to the bowl rim where a series of qualifiers gently orient the part for transfer to various downstream inline devices. Note: Tooling is not included with this unit.

FT-70-RD Bowl Feeder
Part Number FT701RLASA
Motor Style AC
Motor Voltage 208-230 / 460V
Horsepower 3 / 4hp
Total Equipment Weight 1400lbs. / 635kg
  • Standard Features
  • All stainless steel exterior construction
  • FDA approved ABS vacuum formed disc
  • Teflon Hardcoat Anodized aluminum bowl
  • Available Options
  • Hinged polycarbonate covers with gas struts
  • Washdown motor(s)
  • NEMA 1 encased controller
FT-70 bowl feeder specifications
Product Specifications ANSI Metric
A Outside Diameter 94.50″ 2400.3 mm
B Overall Height 56.00″ ± 1.50″ 1422.4 ± 38.1 mm
C Bowl Discharge Height 42.00″ ± 1.50″ 1066.8 ± 38.1 mm
D Bowl Outside Diameter 80.00″ 2032.0 mm
E Bowl Inside Diameter 70.00″ 1778.0 mm
F Rim Width 5.00″ 127.0 mm
G Bowl Depth 12.25″ 311.2 mm
H Level Foot Adjustment 3.58″ ± 1.50″ 90.9 ± 38.1 mm
Required Accessories:

Clockwise Backup Ring – BUCWFT70SU
Counterclockwise Backup Ring  – BUCCFT70SU

Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation strives to improve its products and reserves the right to change or discontinue specifications and designs shown in this information sheet without notice and without incurring obligation. Revised: 05/18.

FT-70-RD-Technical Data Sheet.pdf