Labeling Systems

Advanced and flexible labeling systems for all your application challenges!

Shibuya and Shibuya Hoppmann’s fully synchronized labeling systems are designed to exceed customer’s expectations in even the most demanding production environments. Whether you need a shrink labeler, hot melt, heat sensitive, pressure sensitive, rotary, inline or print and apply, we’ve got a labeler for you. Our combination of experience in product handling and accurate label applicators provides our customers with a labeler system unsurpassed in accuracy, speed, reliability and performance.

A group of bottles getting ready for labels in an assembly.
A green glass bottle receiving a label.

Beverage – High Speed PET Bottle Labeling System
Nutritional/Dairy – Dairy Cap Print & Apply Labeling System
Food – Front, Back and Shoulder Rotary Labeler
Household – Spool Labeling System
Personal Care – Lip Balm Labeling System
Industrial – Oil Filter Rotary Labeling System
Pharmaceutical – Tums™ Container Rotary Labeling System
Healthcare – Nicorette™ Gum Rotary Labeler

Your Industry

A stock photo of granola bars and drinks in bottles.


  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Nutrition
  • Food



  • Household
  • Personal care
  • Industrial


A collection of personal care products.
A collection of personal care products.


  • Household
  • Personal care
  • Industrial


A collection of medical products.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare