FT-40 Centrifugal feeder with safety covers, shibuya hoppmann parts feeder

Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeders

With over 60 years experience building, designing and refining our Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeders to build creative solutions for your parts handling issues, Shibuya Hoppmann has created a series of centrifugal feeders and unscramblers utilizing imaginative innovation and leading technologies to meet your needs.

The Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeder is designed to run effortlessly to meet the lowest, to highest, parts per minute rate demands. They are extremely versatile - using simple, yet consistent designs, flexible technology, and our years of experience.

Shibuya Hoppmann offers different styles of feeders for different requirements. The FT-Series efficiently handles small, medium and large parts at high speeds; the FS-Series incorporates a unique scallop rim design to orient/singulate bottles, vials, and other cylindrical shapes; the FRS-Series uses interior elevators to gently lift large parts onto a scalloped rim for easy orientation.

We continue to advance our handling capabilities with new, innovative designs: the introduction of our Platform Feeder, with its versatile change tooling for multiple part applications; puck feeders, linear unscramblers, etc. Our Hoppmann feeders are easy to integrate with other equipment, such as continuous motion assembly turrets, placement modules, inspection stations, and so much more.


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