• No bottle - No Fill - No Cap Standard!
  • Optional auto-detect/auto-reject
  • Safety Interlocks
  • PLC Control (Allen-Bradley or Mitsubishi)


  • Personal Care (shampoo, lotions, soaps, etc.)
  • Food/Beverage (sauces, dressings, seasonings, etc.)
  • Household (cleaners, detergents, soaps, etc.)
  • Special Products (semi-solids, liquids, pulps, etc.)

Filling Method:

  • Flow meter with CIP or SIP or Piston with Optional CIP

Capping Method:

  • Servo screw capping
  • Plug Capping - PP capping
  • Pump caps with stems
  • Special/multiple caps

Special Requirements:

  • Air cleaning, bead insertion, 2nd fill station, etc.


Monoblock Filler-Capper System


Product Overview

This versatile, reliable and economic Compact Filler/Capper is designed for use with beverage and foods, health products, cosmetics, personal care and household goods. The filler/capper can handle plastic or glass bottles of up to 68 fluid ounces (2000 ml). It is capable of handling various types of capping, including multiple caps and pump styles, and has no bottle-fill-cap standard. The compact footprint allows for easy integration into existing lines, and runs at speeds up to 60 bottles per minute. Safety enclosure with interlocks are standard (not shown in picture). Shibuya Hoppmann bottle and cap centrifugal feeders are easily integrated with the compact filler/capper.

Product Specifications
  Bottle Diameters
1 1/8" - 4 1/4" (30 - 110mm)
  Bottle Heights
2" - 15 3/4" (50 - 400mm)
  Fill Volume
Up to 2,000 ml
Up to 60 bpm
  Cap Type
Plug, Screw, Pump Cap, PP, etc.
  Product Types
Viscosity up to 20,000 cps   (Foods, sauces, dressings, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, household cleaners, etc.)


Compact footprint

Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation strives to improve its products and reserves the right to change or discontinue specifications and designs shown in this information sheet without notice and without incurring obligation. Revised: 05/12.

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