Aseptic Filling

The demand for aseptically packaged products is constantly growing and Shibuya’s world leading technologies are meeting that demand! Whether your product is low or high acid, our aseptic packaging process helps to bring your product to the market consistently and efficiently.

The Shibuya Aseptic PET/HDPE Filling System was the first high-speed rotary aseptic filling system approved by the FDA. To date we have installed over 150 aseptic beverage systems worldwide.

Shibuya Aseptic Filling lines help lower your production and material costs by utilizing thinner wall containers, increasing speeds up to 1200bpm* and maintaining aseptic conditions for up to an industry leading 156 hours, helping to minimize system downtime.

Benefits of Aseptic Filling Systems

  • Allows for the use of thinner containers which equates to savings on material costs, lower environmental impact and quick return on investment
  • Reduces the need for cold distribution channels which equates to huge savings
  • Longer product shelf life
  • Less flavor loss
  • Reduces the need for preservatives
  • More bottle design freedom due to ambient filling

Advantages of Shibuya Aseptic Filling Systems

  • No spoilage detected in over 15 billion bottles produced on Shibuya Aseptic Filling Systems to date
  • Shibuya can maintain an aseptic environment inside the aseptic chambers for up to 156 consecutive hours, in turn, equating to less production downtime
  • Compensation routines implemented in the filling process equating to industry leading fill accuracy
  • Multiple successful FDA approved installs
  • New Electron Beam technology is a proven innovation and provides our customers with an option to eliminate the chemical bottle sterilant and reduce water consumption while at the same time being environmentally sustainable
  • Neck handling in the critical fill area to ensure container feed stability, less particulate generation and enable quick changeover
  • Small footprint provides customer with flexibility for equipment location
  • Servo capper provides 100% feedback on each capping head
  • Fully automated CIP/SIP of the product pathway as well as automatic chamber cleaning and sterilization
  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • Short Installation, commissioning and validation periods
  • Shibuya can provide custom turnkey systems and provide after sales service originating from our various locations in the US


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