Dual Robot in Isolator:

Dual Robot in Isolator

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Shibuya Hoppmann’s Robot Isolator termed CellPro, is a system designed to replace human operators in sterile-manufacturing processes that carry the risk of contaminating sensitive products or harming personnel. The system includes Shibuya’s rigid wall isolator, Shibuya’s decontamination system called the HYDEC and robots, which are specially designed to resist hydrogen peroxide. Shibuya and Fanuc collaborated on the robot design to allow for the robot to function in ISO 5 environments without contributing a significant amount of particulates under typical working conditions. Design features such as internal air purge, special seals at all joints, hydrogen peroxide resistant covers, enclosed electrical cables and lack of retention areas help resist bacterial growth on the robots and reduce the potential for contamination all under aseptic conditions.  CellPro can incorporate multiple robots inside the isolator depending on the application required.  Shibuya has designed a unique control system for the robots within the isolator utilizing hand-held controllers similar to the Nintendo Wii.  This patented solution allows the operator to control the robots remotely and even train precise tasks which the robot duplicates based on the operators movement.  With Shibuya’s state-of-the-art decontamination system, termed HYDEC, integrated into the Robot Isolator, aseptic conditions can be achieved in shorter time periods and utilizing less hydrogen peroxide than conventional systems.  With this advantage as well as utilizing robots, the CellPro can increase operator safety by compounding potent drugs, manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals or handling cytotoxic ingredients.  CellPro also reduces contamination risk in aseptic environments by replacing humans in cell-culturing, sterility testing and aseptic-processing applications.  The collaboration between Shibuya and FANUC is one example of the technological advances that can improve safety, quality and efficiency in packaging machinery.

Various applications for this system include:

  • Cell and tissue processing
  • Chemical hazardous operation
  • Radioactive products handling
  • New virus research
  • Aseptic culture of animals and plants cell

Shibuya developed the world’s first H2O2 resistant robot and the first H2O2 resistant robotic parts feeding solution in 2004.

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