Shibuya manufactures a wide range of customized Isolator designs suitable for production & test filling lines, hazardous testing, clinical trial, sterilization testing, cell culture and many other applications. Our isolators achieve the industry standard ISO 5 (class 100) aseptic environment.. These systems can be provided with uni-directional or turbulent airflow and are custom designed for your individual needs. They can be supplied with a built-in fully integrated decontamination system or designed to accommodate a stand-alone decontamination system.  Additional features/advantages of the Shibuya Isolator are below:

Shibuya Isolators

  • Designed and manufactured by Shibuya
  • Rapid decontamination using Shibuya’s HYDEC system
  • Provides high OEE and rapid entry of parts with an optional passbox chamber.  The passbox process does not affect work in the isolator and allows for rapid entry of parts, supplies or test articles. 
  • Various glove port accommodations are provided based on the customer requirements.


Isolator for Pharmacuetical Packaging      Isolator by Shibuya

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