Congratulations to our 2016 OEM of the Year, Service Engineering.

OEM Program

OEM Discount Program



This program offers great rewards and benefits to all of those involved. Companies who join our OEM program are able to vastly expand their existing product line, without having to devote engineering hours or hire more employees to facilitate that goal. This enables them to truly appeal to – and address –  any prospective clients' requirements and needs in any industry. With Shibuya Hoppmann's excellent track record and industry proven-design you will have a product that you can trust and stand behind, all the while knowing we will be here to assist in any regard needed.


The OEM program allows each OEM to receive discounts based on their purchases. The more you purchase, the higher the discount rate! At the end of our fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) Shibuya Hoppmann assesses the amount your company purchased during the year and this amount is used to determine what OEM tier group your company will be placed in, and thus the amount of discount given, for the upcoming fiscal year.


Shibuya Hoppmann will help facilitate the technical training for your staff. This training can either be arranged at our production facility or we can send a representative out to your company's location. Shibuya Hoppmann is here to make sure you have all the tools you need to successfully sell, install and deliver an industry leading product to your customer.


At Shibuya Hoppmann we have a very high standard for not only our equipment, but those who install and sell Shibuya Hoppmann products. All of the following must be met in order to participate in the OEM program:

  1. Must be an actual original equipment manufacturer in the markets served by the company.
  2. Must have the ability to add value to standard equipment purchased from Shibuya Hoppmann, whether by custom tooling stand-alone equipment, integration with parent/host equipment, or by other acceptable means.
  3. Sell final product(s) to an end user who is not associated or affiliated with the OEM.
  4. Be able to supply installation and/or field service for equipment sold to end users.
  5. Be credit worthy and approved by Shibuya Hoppmann Accounting Department.
  6. Be thoroughly familiar with the operating aspect of Shibuya Hoppmann equipment and agree to receive appropriate training, as required, to be continually up to date with the Shibuya Hoppmann Standard Equipment.


If this program is something your company would like to participate in, or if you would like more information, please contact Nick White.
t: (317) 322-0754, ext. 3108 Email:
For more information on our OEM Program, please fill out the form below and Paul will contact you in a timely manner.
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