Dual Color Tablet Pharmaceutical Feed System:

Pharmaceutical Round Bottle Feeder System: 

Pharmaceutical Feed Systems

High Speed Tablet Feed System

A major pharmaceutical tablet maker required a pharmaceutical parts feeder system to feed and orient five different size dual color tablets (7.9mm - 11.9mm) at an output rate of 1250 parts per minute.

The Shibuya Hoppmann Solution: By using two side-by-side compact small parts feeder systems, with live-bottom prefeeders, we were able to rapidly, and gently, unscramble the parts, determining orientation based on color, and merge both feeder outputs on a rotary table lane combiner. The combined product was released into a single stream air track/conveyor to be taken to client's downstream operations (fixed vial filling equipment).


Dual Feeder Tablet Pharmaceutical System     


Small "Sticky" Round Bottle Feed System

A leading pharmaceutical and vision care manufacturer needed a feed system designed specifically for clean room operation.  This system would handle 9 empty plastic bottles ranging from 4ml to 30ml, and the rate needed to be a consistent 250 bottles per minute.

We were faced with a few challenges: The entire system had to fit within a specified “laminar flow” enclosure footprint;  some of the bottles were “tacky” due to the upstream sterilization process;  motors and chains need to be wash down; solenoid exhaust needed to be captured and transported through a tube outside the clean room.  No air could be used for product qualification, and mechanical movement should be minimized.  The system needed to accommodate the easy changeover for nine different bottles.

The Shibuya Hoppmann Solution: A pharmaceutical grade low profile prefeeder was designed with a streamline hopper, that would accommodate the necessary product amount as well as fit within the footprint necessary for the laminar flow enclosure.  A pharmaceutical-grade belt allowed the operator to view the product easier due to the color (blue) and contrast against the white and natural bottles. The FS-40 Hoppmann centrifugal feeder had wash down motors and chains, and scallops designed from Nolu-SR (a proven material to help handle the “tacky” bottles). The platform design provided a layer of protection for the product, keeping the motor and chains tucked down below. The feeder tooling ring and surface tooling was made out of 316L low carbon content, stainless steel.




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