Lip Balm Feeder Systems: 

Household & Personal Care

Lip Balm Feeder Systems 

A variety of lip balm manufacturers have required different handling for their products. At varying rates from 150 - 450 ppm, we fed, oriented and pucked lip balm containers, handled empty containers, fed filled and capped lip balm barrels then labeled them, and so much more.


Deodorant Feeder Systems

A major personal care products manufacturer needed a Deodorant Feeder system that simultaneously and gently assembled a three-part, screw, base and platform, deodorant twist-up container at a rate of 150-300 parts per minute. This system is designed using proven assembly methods that are simple and efficient, provides accessibility to equipment in both floor plan and feeder elevations with special emphasis on maintenance accessibility, simple operation, and quiet, gentle handling.


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