Part Placement in Action!


Part Placement

Shibuya Hoppmann's Part Placement Assembly Systems allow for the precision placement of parts into or onto containers (such as pucks, pockets, or other devices).  A few other key features:

  • Controlled execution of pucking and/or depucking with multiple products
  • Product inspections throughout the placement process
  • Speeds of up to 400 parts per minute

We can pick it up, put it down, put it in, turn it, reverse it, you name it! Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with the evolution of your product's placement.


Contact Lens Case Placement System  Scoop Feed & Placement System 


Scoop Feed & Placement System

This Scoop Feed & Placement System feeds and places multiple size scoops
into filled cans at 100 ppm

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